Renegade Dreamers

90 mins.

In countries around the world, people have been influenced by Bob Dylan, Jack Kerouac, and other renegade spirits from the Beat and folk music scene in Greenwich Village.

RENEGADE DREAMERS looks at how the poets and protest singers who came out of the early Greenwich Village scene helped change the culture of not only America, but the world - an important story that needs to be kept in the limelight.

But RENEGADE DREAMERS takes that story further. There are many young people of today who have been influenced by this movement and are using some of the same artistic sensibilities – political poetry and song lyrics - to address the social challenges of their own times. Yet, to date, few audiences have been privy to what these new young renegades are doing. Not only does RENEGADE DREAMERS focus on a very important part of American cultural history, but it brings it into the 21st century by looking at what is being carried on today with a whole new generation that has felt its influence.

Flooded with music and poetry (old and new), and interviews with Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Wavy Gravy, Joan Baez, Amiri Baraka, Len Chandler, Peter Yarrow, Dave Van Ronk, Maria Muldaur, Tom Paxton and some of the best young artists you haven't yet heard of, the film takes a larger and joyous look at what it means to be a renegade and dreamer in America.